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Virtue Poker uses the unique features of blockchain technology in conjunction with peer-to-peer networking and advanced cryptography to provide a safe, honest environment for play online poker.

Peer-to-Peer shuffling protects the deck

One of the most important questions players ask about online poker is, “Is it safe? How do I know no one has hacked the deck?”

Virtue Poker distributes the shuffling process among all players at the table, as shown in the diagram below. Each player’s app shuffles the deck and applies a layer of encryption. Once the deck is thoroughly shuffled and encrypted, the hand is dealt, and players exchange encryption keys so everyone can see their hands. Since there is no server where the complete, unencrypted deck resides, a hacker would have to crack encryption on each player’s computer separately.

P2P Shuffle

Your wallet and the Sidechain protect your funds

When you play online poker, you typically make a deposit, which means you’re sending your money to the site to hold for you. If the site is trustworthy, that’s fine - but online poker sites have proved to be less than trustworthy in the past.

In the Virtue Poker system, your funds are always safe. Instead of depositing funds, you simply transfer ETH or tokens from your wallet to the Virtue Poker sidechain. The funds are locked in the sidechain, where they’re managed by a smart contract. When you win, you simply move the ETH or tokens back to your wallet. You’re always in control.

Virtue Player Points (VPP) Tokens

Virtue Poker conducted a token sale in May 2018 in which we sold 100 million tokens at the price of 4,000 VPPs = 1 ETH. These VPPs have three utilities in the Virtue Poker network:

  • Stake and Earn Fees. The Virtue Poker service employs what we call Justices as table referees and validators. Any player who holds sufficient VPPs may apply to stake VPPs as a Justice in exchange for fees.
  • Play in VPP-denominated games. The Virtue Poker system includes games denominated in both VPPs and ETH.
  • Play in special tournaments. We will conduct special tournaments that are only for Virtue Poker token holders.

Virtue Poker tokens are not yet listed on exchanges and are locked (not tradable) until the service launches on the Ethereum mainnet.


Virtue Poker has the following supporting partners:

ConsenSysParent Company
WH PartnersLegal

Virtue Gaming Operations Ltd.

License Number TBD as MGA license application is pending

Level2. Quantum House, 75 Abate Rigord Street Ta'Xbiex XBX 1120, Malta

Online gaming is regulated in Malta by the Malta Gaming Authority.

Virtue Gaming Operations Ltd. currently offers Sit and Go and Cash Game formats of NL Hold'em, PL Omaha, and NL Short Deck variants

Warning: Gambling can become an addiction.

Underage Gambling is prohibited

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