A P2P Decentralized Poker Platform Built using Ethereum
Why we Built This
Players must trust a centralized platform with their valuable information and the game logic
A blockchain based decentralized poker platforms puts players in control in a framework they can trust
Online Poker Has Been Stuck in the Stone Ages
The integrity of gaming software is frequently called into question, player funds are being lost, stolen or seized, and the regulatory response has been so fragmented that many players struggle to find a site they can trust. If you are a poker player, you’ve either given up or you begrudgingly play online.
Virtue Poker is revolutionizing online poker
We are a team of computer scientists and online poker players building this platform to address the shortfalls of centralized online poker and to create a better online experience. Using Ethereum, Virtue Poker instills trust and transparency into an industry riddled with scandal.
The Future of Online Poker is Coming
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Tamper Proof Gaming
All gameplay happens using off-chain P2P state channels using an audited, secure implementation of mental poker
Instant Payouts
Our table smart contracts automatically distribute payouts based on game outcomes directly into your digital wallet
Security of Player Funds
Players do not deposit money into a centralized Virtue Poker system. Instead, players fund their personal digital wallets and enter games with these funds
Guaranteed Tournaments
Competitors spend money on expensive sponsorships on poker stars and athletes, we feel like our players would prefer if we spent that money on them instead, so we put our marketing resources into guaranteed tournaments
Jim Berry
Platform Engineer
Blockchain Developer
and Software Architect
Ryan Gittleson
Business Development
Marketing Technology Sales
and Growth
Joseph Lubin
Strategic Advisor
Co-Founder of Ethereum
and Founder of Consensys
Andrew Keys
Head of Global Business
Development for Consensys